Classifications of Class 1 Felonies in VA


Charges of a felony are considered the most severe charges as compared to the misdemeanor. In felony, the offender may go through simple imprisonment to 5 years for up to life imprisonment, it all depends upon the severity of the crime, how deep is the victim hurt, or how severe is the intensity of the crime. Based on these situations, the judges may note down their decision, and the culprit may go through with the penalties according to the court system.

However, when we talk about the felony, people should have to understand that think, a felony has six classes from 1 to 6, in where class 1 is considered the most severe and dangerous class, the culprit may face life imprisonment in such charges of class 1 felony.

Though, in Virginia, you will find many defense lawyers in a manner to protect your life and solve out the case for you. These attorneys are well-experienced and have more knowledge about how to deal with such crimes and charges. So, its always better to hire a lawyer first when you face such felony charges with your name. They know how to solve the case and how to gather evidence.

classification of class 1 felony

In Virginia, you may find a total of six classes of felonies starting from Class 1, which is simply considered as the most serious and dangerous class and the least serious class is 6. However, in class 1 felony, you may go through with the life imprisonment, if your crimes have a severe impact on the victim, for example:

If you sexually assault someone and in a result, the victim may go through severe mental illness.

When you have done intercourse with someone without the will of the victim.

When you forcibly do penetration through vaginal, anal, or oral sex, and the victim may hurt physically, such as deep wounds and cuts on the body.

When you create domestic violence in your family, and some of the members go through severe mental issues because they are scared badly.

And, if you murder someone, you may go through with the charges of class 1 felony.

As because you hurt the people physically and mentally, that’s why in Virginia, this class of felony is considered the most dangerous among all.

Also, if the culprit is above the age of 18 and mentally fit, and commits such crime of class 1 felony, he/she may go though imprison for up to 20 years, or up to life imprison, depending upon the court decision.

Though, the culprit may also pay a penalty of up to $100,000 along with the imprisonment.

defense attorney of class 1 felony in VA

If you have been charged with the class 1 felony, you need to understand that with the help of a powerful and well-experienced lawyer, you can solve your case out. You shouldn’t need to get class 1 felony lightly. Take help with the attorney and fight for yourself.