What is the Penalty for a Class 2 Felony in Virginia


The criminal charges are divided into two categories in Virginia, one is a felony, and the other is a misdemeanor. However, both charges are serious enough to put you in jail for up to several years, but still, the felony charges are considered the most severe and dangerous one. However, in a felony, you may see six different classes with their own charges and penalties.

The class 1 felony is considered to be the most dangerous in Virginia, as because in such charges, the offender may attempt those crimes in where the result would be like a murder of the victim, or rape, or something more dangerous like that.

However, that’s why the penalty of class 1 is also very severe, even though, the class 2 felony is very much similar to class 1. In this class 2, the offender may also go through with several years in jail but not life imprisonment like in class 1. Also, the fines of both classes are also the same.

So, we considered these two classes of felonies the most dangerous enough in where the offender may go through imprison for up to years or even life imprison.

Also, if you have been charged with false allegations or commit a crime mistakenly with no such intentions, then hire a lawyer immediately. You alone can’t prove yourself innocent, you need to take a step forward with a lawyer. So, it’s better to talk with a professional attorney who has experience in solving such cases and have better knowledge as well.

The penalty for a class 2 felony:

In class 2 felony, the charges are involved;

  • housebreaking crimes,
  • possession of a stolen gun,
  • controlled substance trafficking,
  • aggravated battery of an unborn child,
  • unlawful cannabis manufacturing,
  • torturing someone,
  • unlawful settlement of a gun by a street gang people,
  • violent detention,
  • kidnapping or abduction,
  • methamphetamine-related child endangerment,
  • compelling association membership,
  • burglary,
  • larceny or doing some fraud over $500,
  • child photography in the form of selling films or children by a sex offender,
  • illegal disposal of methamphetamine producing waste,
  • bid twisting,
  • bribery,
  • violation of doing sexual things with a corpse,
  • an inducement to perform suicide,
  • routine mutilation,
  • cars theft conspiracy, and much more crimes which are related to the intensity as well.

These are affected crimes in where a person might be charged with the class 2 felony. However, the penalty of this class is imprisonment for up to 20 years with a fine of $100,000.

Although, if you have been charged with any of the above or related crimes in false allegations, then you must hire a defense lawyer as soon as possible.

With the help of a defense attorney in Virginia, you can solve out the case in a legal manner, and you can easily protect your future and career as well.

Also, attorneys can easily find out evidence which is important enough to prove you innocent and put out all the wrong allegations in your records.